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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 24, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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complete bay area's coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. a vie violent attack in broad daylight and how san francisco police are responding to this. >> i am ken wayne. >> the security camera was rolling when the shot was fired in downtown san jose. the image can help the police track the suspect. ktvu live in san jose when she spoke to the victim. >> reporter: the
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video show shooter running away and medical aid arriving nearly ten minutes after the call for help. we freeze the video just before the shot were taken and then show you where the shooter carried what looks like an ax runs off. san jose's police blocked off several streets after the police discovered a wounded man bleeding in the parking lot and the man later died in the hospital. the woman you see here lit candles in his memory. >> he wanted to change but he did not have the right love around him to change. >> family members shared with us this photo of a father of 6 children, we spoke to a neighbor who says he's worry for his family. >> everyday something is going on down there, streets blocked off and taped off. you think downtown is safer because the
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police department is down here and the city hall is down here. >> it was not safe this afternoon, witnesses are too scared to go onto tell us and someone saw the ax as the weapon before he was shot and killed. >> others in the neighborhood are upset to see. >> believe me you are going to get caught and if you don't get caught, you are going to live with this for the rest of your life. >> reporter: family starts to gather around here and they continue to keep candles burning tonight, police say they have not made any arrest, live ktvu channel 2 news marin's sheriff's deputy were called to find the living room covered in blood.
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she's identified tonight as 44a . u.s. park police spotted him getting off th of the bus. they say he was armed with the knif covered in blood. 22-year-old aldana is hospitalized and authorities say he will face a murder charge. the count down is on for the bay bridge closure, in a little more than three days, the bridge will shut down in preparation of the opening o f the new eastern span. the closure maybe a few days away and people trying to get into san francisco ran into this. huge back ups all day today it is all the
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because the toll booth were close. debra is explaining the big mess, live. >> reporter: three lanes are be headlines us where it is narrowing down to one leading to the toll plaza. contractors say it is work that cannot wait but wait is where thousands of drivers had to do. >> did you know something that we don't know. >> how bad is it >> it is worst than we have seen. >> the most of the day approaching grand avenue was no better. >> this has nothing to do with the accident. >> no. >> this is caltrans's work. >> i am thinking we'll be here a little bit longer then. >> the actual work is at the toll plaza. the concrete island was demolish from this part. to do it three far right lanes are closed all weekend. >> it seems like the lights have
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been on all day >> the contractors insist that the whole bridge is slow due to volume and not because his project is causing the delay. >> i think it is the baseball game. traveling about a mile in an hour than an easy detour to a fast moving. if only motorists had known what they're into it. some got out and walked around the traffic. >> you have been in the can. >> yeah, for about an hour and a half. >> how much did it cost you so far? >> and some over heated. >> i have to wait >> this late for the ballpark wondered why the work cannot wait until the whole bridge shut down but that time is already booked. >> we have the other lanes during the five days.
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we have to modify that island of the toll bo >> reporter: so the work schedule is packed. those fast track work is so challenging today will be finished by this monday morning's commute. reporting live in oakland debra, ktvu channel 2 news and you can stay up to date of the conditions o f the bay area's road way just click on the traffic tab on continuing coverage of the massive rim fire. the blaze did not explode inside, firefighters struggled to contain the fire. as tonight the fire stands more than 129, 000 acres and 11, 000 of those acres are in yosemite national park itself. it is just 7% contained, officials say the rim fire is the fastest moving of the roughly 50 burning
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right now throughout the west. firefighters on the ground says the way of the fire spread through the terrain is causing some concerns. we have the latest now from the fire line. >> that means it is active. >> rim fire near yosemite national park is still growing. crews are still battling the blaze from the sky. firefighters say there is still a big concern of the fire being only 5% contained. >> the concern is not backing down to some canyons that can make some big runs and that's where we hit with large firefighters. >> many people are harming not only their homes but animals. >> they don't know if the fire is going to shift or move backward. >> people are being advise to get their animals out of harm's way because it may take a while to get them to
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safety. >> charles says he was able to get help from the red cross with his horses. >> all these stuff were going and those horses were not just galloping around and we cannot hardly catch them. >> others are hoping to have the same luck. >> i have got friends trying to get them out of the hill. it is a beautiful country and to see it get devastated like this, it is horrible. >> reporter: 11 homes have been burn and 12 structures, the evacuation is still open. reporting from the rim fire, ktvu channel 2 news and just how much land this fire has consumed since it started last saturday nearly 200 square miles and you can get an idea of how clos k close the flames are. that fire is just about 2 to 3
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miles from the dam. the fire shut down two power stations that served the bay area and other customers continue to float tonight and today we'll return tomorrow to begin repairs. in the meantime the city has spent $600, 000 to buy back up power. utilities officials say ash and smoke from the fire has not affected the purity of the water supply. our meteorologist is tracking the water conditions in the fire zone and joining us now what firefighters will be looking at tomorrow, mark. >> tomorrow will be warm and another dry day. once again we are tracking the smoke with the satellite here and other matter being tracked. this was a scene today looking out of the rim fire, terrain, this is the one that's constant
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and it is classified as extreme that's has been a big challenge for fire crews. temperatures tomorrow, will be maxing out around the lows 80s and humidity levels coming down at 6% and the winds will pick up as well. your wind forecast tomorrow morning, winds are around 8 miles per hour, winds do pick up on the afternoon and on average running 12 miles per hour across the region and picking of the west of the moderate breeze for that, at least right around the fire tomorrow. coming up of the 25 minutes we'll have details of the smoke advisory. and we have shower chances in the bay area and once again it is coming up in about 25 minutes. some families from their home, the tem pyre fire started just before 3:00 this afternoon in an area of east of auburn, cal fire says it is
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burned of 45 acres and it is about 50% contained. >> we can feel the heat in front of our yard and told us to evacuate. >> cal fire says it appeared of an electrical transformer sparked the fire. new search and hope for answers, we ask of the search for east bay led police any closer to find a missing toddler. a 16-year-old kidnap victim says good-bye to her mother and little brother, we'll take you to emotional services in california. the new efforts to keep the weapons out of the coffee shop.
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the largest search yet was held today for a toddler who has not been seen for more than a month. authorities found one area they want to explore further. >> on a sunny day made for hiking. thompson and her dog are logging miles, working. >> i send them in areas to check especially steep areas that we cannot get to very easily ourselves. what they're looking for feels like a dark cloud on this sunny day.
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>> we are trained to find everything from piece to nearly dead bodies. >> he's one of six used today along with search volunteers to look for the daphne webb of the oakland toddler who he is father reported missing on july 10th. >> i am pretty confident we are going to find out what happened to the baby. >> and helicopter from east bay regional park was uptaking photos. >> that can be something that investigators may want to go back and revisit. >> it is a little overwhelm by it. >> this is the first time that daphne's family had been to a search. >> it brings us back to reality that, not only is she missing that some harm can possibly happen to her.
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>> there are two investigation righ, one is for a missing girl and the other is for a potential homicide. the hope is to bring the little girl home. >> reporter: they're praying to not finding anything here because they're hoping to find daphne alive. the mercury news says police started looking at dylan grinder after contacted by the alleged victim this month. she was concerned about a 14-year-old girl living in grinder's home. >> hundreds of people gathered today for the memorial service of the san diego teen who was kidnapped by a family's friend.
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>> 44-year-old anderson and 8-year-old ethan anderson were found dead of the burned down home of dimaggio back in august 3rd. authorities say dimaggio killed them and kidnapped hannah anderson. it ended in the idaho wilderness and authorities have not revealed the possible motive for the crime. authorities in union county florida says junior first shot and killed the worker and shoot the 80-year-old owner of the company. he then went to the company and shoot two more employees. and after that allan turned home and shot himself. there is no word on the motive. connecticut lunched a
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campaign to consider starbucks to ban weapons in stores. the new town posted the letter on the website to ban weapons like other companies including disney and ikea. 13 family members signed the letter. veterans waiting for benefits. >> they are looking for jobs that cannot find jobs. >> veterans are frustrated of the claim, congressman hosted of the town hall meeting which was packed for veterans of all ages. one woman says she and her husband had to wait years for every claim they filed. >> they did not have enough people the last time i am here to work with the claims so i think they should do something about that and hire for people. so they can get traffic going
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and do their job. >> claims moving faster now, now that 50 staff have been added. congressman also commented on the dozens of attempts of house of republicans trying to over turn obama's care. >> they're trying to do something over and over but expecting the same result. trying to hurt the american people because they don't agree on something that's upheld and decided. >> estimated of 40 million americans are unensured of the medicare act. coverage will begin january 1st. alameda county officials reached out to promote wellness and places that can use a boost. community meeting focused on helping people and those are uncorporated area that's south
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of san leandro and problems there including obesity and teens's pregnancy that's aimed at kids. >> the folks that live here, they know the community better than we do and the hot spots are and the troubled areas and for example if it is a bad intersection or they know there is certain gang activity that happened in certain part that we don't necessarily know. >> today's meeting to develop a health and wellness plan that'll become apart of the county's plan. plus, what amanda knox is refusing what to do ahead of her roommate's death. the reason attorneys want trumps to pay $40, million. a few showers developing offshores and the one part of the bay area
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that has a high chance of picking a few sunday's showers.
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continuing coverage o civil war in syria. killing 12 more in sir ra ya. any talks with britain of the chemical weapons. today to investigate this week's attack but it was prevented from getting any evidence. at least 355 people died and thousands were injured. syria denied its use of weapons and chemical attacks. today opposition leaders demanded for help.
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>> i asked that the american president mr. obama as the head of the country that has the strongest president and international community to be responsible at a personal level as well as his country's level. >> syria accuses of the opposition of using chemical weapons. chemical weapons were found by the troops and used. no intervention at all and 12 pe supported airstrike and no fly zone and 9% supported funding and multi national invasion. amanda knox the young woman of seattle once convicted of murdering her
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roommate says she won't return to the nation for retrial. knox says consistently maintained her innocence. it is unclear if italy will start the proceedings. defense attorneys in florida asked to judge to ban the life sentencing of jodi arias. this is the second sentencing trial for arias convicted of may in the stabbing death of her boyfriend. the music legend revealed her condition this week on an article published on the arp website. it took years for her to be properly diagnosed and according to the article she now uses
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polls to help her balance and a wheelchair when traveling. accusing the school of elaborate switch practices that cause students of thousands of. dollars. and to create the curriculum bur . the spokesman for trumps said the lawsuit is politically motivated . may shing gave mirth yesterday. officials at the zoo say the be weeks before they know if cub is female or male. the breeding program such as this is important for the survival of the species. a popular east bay beach is getting a little bit sandier and the reason behind the 5 million dollar project. first, i have a dream.
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the nation's still facing 50 years after martin luther king's famous speech and where the annual event will be held near year and why some students are speeding.
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my poor little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, i have a dream. martin luther king's famous "i have a dream", he delivered that speech
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to supporters at the lincoln memorial's steps. to mark the upcoming anniversary across the country march in the honor. >> for jacob smith this oakland's rally brings back memories for r the one he attended in washington dc 50 years ago. >> he says martin luther king's message is just as important now as it was then. >> this remembering that the battle and the fight still continues. say it with me. i have a dream. >> in san jose they marched from the county building and in progress must continue.
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>> a significant number of black people without jobs and civil rights is being violated and i look at trayvon martin and we need to move forward. >> the quality injustice that extends further than it did in 1963 but not far enough. they held this rally on the steps of san francisco's city hall. >> you don't have to be an icon, you have to do your part. >> jacob smith says he will certainly will. >> this is my effort and it should be a dedication to every citizen of america to make sure that doctor king's vision comes to reality. >> festivities will continue this week with the event on the actual anniversary on wednesday right here at city hall. in san francisco, anne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that's 200, 000 people came to the nation's capital to commemorate of the
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50th anniversary of that march and speech. the speech concluded of martin luther king's son. protest of the killing of two young men. >> about a dozen of people gathered tat corner of market street today's protest was a memory of two recent homicide victims. both of them were shot and killed this summer. >> people were getting killed and the fire department coming out and washing the blood off the sidewalks and after that everyone would go and that would be it. these are our families and children. >> protests was organized by the group soldiers against violence everywhere. a suspect in an armed
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robbery in vallejo is expected to survive. police are looking for three men of the robbery. about 45 minutes later they spotted three people in the parking lot. one of them drew a silver object from his waste band, this is the fourth shooting in vallejo this year. antioch's police say the 30-year-old man took his 9-year-old daughter and son out in the water when the jet skis stop running. family members reported them missing around 8:15 p.m.. rescuers spotted them and brought them and treated them. someone stole this cute little pup of 9 weeks old. the pup was taken from a locked vehicle this afternoon, it was parked on the street their palo
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alto avenue. police say he's a friendly dog and his family misses him. heading back to school now, students are parents received free books and tips on reading at home and even food from the alameda county's food bank. >> today is about getting parents energize about the school year beginning and offering a lot of resources so they can support their students to have a successful year. >> about 500 families were expected at today's event. popular east bay each will beginning to get more sandier over the year. so starting next month the east bay ekgal park district will bring in 82, 000 yards of sand in the bay. it is worth it to restore the longest beach on
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san francisco bay. >> the benefit will benefit from this project. >> the beach will remained open during the three months long project. the 49ers brought up the id the teams. both are expected to offer the offer next week. saying it would be unfair to move the game from kal's home field. >> they just redid the stadium. the tradition of the u.s.. >> oh my, is right, the first american running o f the bulls hits the east coast and when of the running of the bulls in the bay area. and a cool down and tomorrow tracking of a possible chance for some
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showers. remember you can get ktvu to go right on your cell phone and you can watch all of our newscast live, you can be connected anywhere and any time on
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indeed it was. a student pilot spotted the rush fire out on a training flight this tuesday morning. fire crews were able to keep the flames from reaching homes. one resident on the ground later called to thank that pilot that saved this house.
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maybe a little rain, let's check in with mark and see if that's a possibility. >> we do have a chance, you see right now of the live storm track, all the clouds moving into the region and some activity, the bulk of this is tracking to the north of bay area so basically up towards the counties and that'll be the best bet of picking up a few showers early sunday morning. as far as the smoke from the rimfire being push from lake tahoe to the south until 8:00 tomorrow night. it can be extended based on what happened to the rim fire. our temperatures right now partly to mostly cloudy skies right now. hayward 61 and livermore in the mid-60s. time lapse, the low clouds and fog, we also have the high clouds moving
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into the region and evening hours. so high clouds will continue to filter in over the next 3 or 6 hour and possibly a few light showers being produced by this clouds as well. tonight we'll go with mostly cloudy skies and tomorrow morning clouds will be cooler and the extended forecast, we do bump up those numbers by midweek. there is a few upper 60s and close50 crease. there could be a enough moistures to squeeze out a few showers and the best chance up in the north. just for tomorrow, there is a slight chance of thunderstorms towards the the lake counties but the main impact for us more cloud covers and cooler temperatures. wind speeds do pick up as well. a little bit cooler than today. here is the
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forecast model, all the cloud covers tomorrow, you will see the shower activity is up to the north and basically the same deal at 11:00 tomorrow morning and during the afternoon hours and partly cloudy skies and still hugging parts o f the bay area's shoreline. the coolest day of the weekend we are showing you some upper 70s towards santa rosa and 80s towards vacaville. and head inland you will find mid-80s out there. morgan hill 82 and san jose in the upper 70s and san francisco the clouds are in the morning and over all the sun clouds mix for the remainder of the afternoon. a little warmer for your monday and some minor warming for tuesday and wednesday and thursday. heather and ken, first thing tomorrow morning don't be surprise you will be encountering a few sprinkles. >> all right, we'll look forward to that.
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the first running of bulls is held today and a special of coming into the bay area in next june. this event was held in virginia south of richmond about 4000 people paid $75 each to be chased by the bulls. there is one minor injuries and making sure that the animals are not mistreated. fans of fancy brews maybe in the manorties. the most popular coffee in the u.s. is the old favorite soldiers. the brand has more than 50% of the coffee market and maxwell house with 10%. crisp turning a home run today in baltimore as the a's trying to get back to the winning track.
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and the two quarterbacks batting for the battling for the job and the controversy is next.
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good evening everyone welcome to this saturday's night edition. everyone wants to play meaningfe of the year. the a's in baltimore decided that kirk back in the -- the score battling of the orioles picked up one of its five hits. the a'sed batted in the 6th.
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suzuki comes home and lowrie tas place in the 2 nd coco crisp led off. the only guy that thought it was a strike and as things turned out, he did an a's a favor. one pitch right over the place and number 13 or crisp is now homer in three straight games and put parker in line for the tenth win. and making it 32 saves and 33 attempts this year. made them stand out for 2-1 win. this important road trip continues with the conclusion of the series, tomorrow for baltimore and it is on for detroit for four games. white be


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